VG Lounge

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Take a seat in the Lounge: Be inspired by other artists, learn from VG pro users, or take a look behind the scenes and the making of VG. Learn how to get the most out of Virtual Guitarist. Enter our ever-growing collection of videos, tutorials, and stories. Read more

Inside Sound Minds

A-List Artist Interviews

What does it take to become an A-list artist in film and game music? Virtual Guitarist presents: Inside Sound Minds. In this series of video interviews you’ll take a peek into the minds of some of the world’s most acclaimed composers, producers and musical artists. Read more

Episode 1 – Heitor Pereira

Meet Brazilian composer Heitor Pereira. The former guitarist of the British band Simply Red and composer responsible for the scores of movies such as Despicable Me 1 & 2, Angry Birds and Spanglish. Heitor talks to us in his studio, and shares his wisdom on Minions, how film scores are like fruit salad, and why today is probably the best era to be a musician. Read more


We have asked professional musicians and producers to share their VG secrets. Detailed step-by-step tutorials will explain VG features and functionalities. From the obvious to the slightly obscure: you’ll learn all the tricks and make sure you get the most for your production out of VG.

Realism – Using Bass Notes, Variance and Mod-Wheel

Become a Silk Black Belt - Martin Seyer demonstrates how to use some of the advanced functions of Virtual Guitarist SILK, like the Bass-Note function, the Variance feature and the Damping Function through the Mod-Wheel. Read more

How to Create a Disco Funk Riff With Virtual Guitarist Sparkle

Time for Disco! Composer and producer Martin Seyer demonstrates how to create a crispy funk riff with Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE. The downloadable MIDI-file and the respective accompaniment-loops for your music sessions are included. Get Lucky! Read more

How to Create a Progressive Heavy Metal Riff

Composer and producer Martin Seyer demonstrates how to create a progressive heavy metal riff with Virtual Guitarist IRON. Downloadable midi-file and the respective drum-loop for your individual experiments are included. Read more

Stunning Guitar Tracks Without Playing Guitar

Virtual Guitarist co-inventor Peter Gorges shows you how to use IRON to lay down a convincing guitar track in 15 minutes. For your convenience, a downloadable Midi file is included. Read more

Behind The Scenes

Take a look behind the curtain and learn about the making and makers of Virtual Guitarist.

The Virtual Guitarist Idea

Peter Gorges - Virtual Guitarist history, straight from the horse’s mouth Peter played an instrumental role in the inception of the legacy Virtual Guitarist in 2001, when his company Wizoo and Steinberg teamed up to launch the franchise. More than 10 years later, Peter and his new company UJAM re-launched the series. In this article, Peter talks about the Virtual Guitarist history with a lot of background stories and personal insights yet unpublished. Read more